Eligibility for Participation

・ Undergraduate students studying in universities, or 4th or 5th grade students in technical colleges in Japan (everyone in the same team belongs to the same university or technical college)

・3-4 members (everyone needs to speak at least once)

・International students are also welcome


Participants are required to email their plans (less than 15 presentation slides and a overview of 200-400 letters in Japanese in Word format) by November 6, 2019. All the information stated below must be included. All emails are to be addressed to

a) Team name,

b) Title of the presentation,

c) University name,

d) Team leader’s name,

e) Team leader’s e-mail address

f) Team member’s name


In the case of receiving a large number of applications, a screening of the teams’ documents may be conducted to select the teams to present at regional preliminaries.

Participants are allowed to edit the presentation slides (not the contents of plans) after the submission.

Basic Presentation Rules and Dress Codes

(1) Participants: Each group should consist of 3 or 4 students. Everyone needs to speak at least once with presentation soft.

(2) Language: English (Q&A sessions are also conducted in English.)

(3) Time: At the regional preliminaries, presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes. At the final contest, they should be no longer than 15 minutes. Q&A sessions will be 3 minutes long in the regional preliminaries, and 5 minutes long in the final contest.

(4) Computer / Internet: Participants are required to use laptops provided by MCJ (bring your own USB pen drives or flash memories). Participants are allowed to edit the presentation sides; however, the contents of plans should not be changed drastically. Wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) is NOT available at the venue.

(5) Dress Codes: Business Professional

(6) Time Table: To be announced directly to participants by e-mail.

Planning Budget

  1. Nagasawa sells 30,000 Kobe INK per year. (actual value)
  2. This sales of Kobe INK are 6 times lower than the sales of high-grade stationery including fountain pens, pens, and mechanical pencils cost more than 5,000 yen each. (assumed value for MCJ)
  3. You can choose one of two ways about planning budget to the following.

a. Planning budget is approximately 20% (maximum) of the increase of sales in “Kobe INK” which you can get by carrying out your planning.

b. Planning budget is approximately 10% (maximum) of the increase of sales in “all high-grade stationery including Kobe INK” which you can get by carrying out your planning.


  1. Whether the increase of sales is for the coming 1 year or 2 years is up to your teams. If you decide the increase of sales is for the coming 2 years and your planning budget becomes large, it is not allowed to spend all of your planning budget just in 1st year of 2 years.
  2. We gave you this planning budget rule not to make unrealistic plans. In other words, you don’t have to make your presentation reasonable with too much detailed number.

Evaluation Criteria

Whether the presentation includes rational and practical suggestions or ideas along with the topics

Whether the candidates give coherent answers to the questions from judges.

Whether the presentation contains unique, realistic ideas which prove appealing to the audience and judges

Whether the English in the presentations is spoken clearly and correctly.

Participants are allowed to be advised by their professors or advisers.