Q.  How many teams can participate in east and west Japan area preliminary?

A.   At most 10 teams can participate in each preliminary. If more than 10 teams apply for MCJ, we’ll determine 10 teams to participate in each preliminary with presentation slides and a overview you send.

Q. How many slides can we use at most in the preliminary and final competition?

A. You can use as many slides as you want in both preliminary and final competition. (You should make the most of slide effects.)

Q. Can we contact with Nagasawa Stationery Center directly to make marketing plans?

A. You cannot contact with Nagasawa directly to be fair between teams and not to make Nagasawa have too many responsibilities. If you have questions, please feel free to ask us with the following e-mail address.

E-mail : marketingcontestjp@gmail.com

Q. Is it possible to use videos in presentation?

A. It is possible only if you understand the motion risk of the videos during presentation. We can confirm if your videos work if you send us them. You can also try to use your videos where you take part in the preliminary and final competition before the public presentation. We won’t take any responsibility even if your videos don’t work in the preliminary or final competition.